Who are the people behind the ranch coffee?

We are a Mexican family who is growing their very own Single Estate Ranch Coffee for over 150 years. Through all these years the extensive knowledge about coffee plants, the sustainable coffee cultivation in harmony with nature, and the way we harvest have been passed from generation to generation.

We are not only committed to deliver the best high quality coffee and preserve the nature but also want to be a reliable work source for the people in our region. Additionally we desire to help the families living on and around our ranch. Within the last years we have proudly realized many social projects such as: donate money and land to build schools, connect the small villages by building bridges and roads, and provide drinking water as well as electricity.

We believe that we can continue our contribution to many other social projects aimed at the improvement of the people’s standard of living. With buying our coffee you are not only enjoying a unique Mexican Single Estate Ranch Coffee but also helping us to make a difference in many people’s lives.

If you would like to know more about our coffee, our social projects and us, then please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to hear from you!


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