our ranch coffee

How do we grow our coffee plants?

We raise our coffee by hand and in harmony with nature. Therefore, all our coffee plants are planted manually and we take good care of them while they grow for 6 months in our café guardería – the coffee nursery, a specially protected area. As soon as the little ones are big enough, we carry them to their predetermined spot between 850 and 1100 meters at the hillside and plant them by hand. They grow and prosper there for at least 3 years until we can harvest the very first coffee cherries.


How do we harvest our coffee?

The harvest season at our ranch is from December till April. During this time we pick the ripe, dark red coffee cherries in the traditional way – by hand. While picking we take care that only the ripe cherries are picked and that we do not injure the plants. Therefore, we make sure that the little stem, which connects the cherry with the coffee plant, is not broken off the plant but remains untouched. In order to pick the cherries in this particular way you need the special technique that has been passed from generation to generation in our family.


How do we process our coffee?

During the harvest season we pick the coffee cherries every day at different hillsides of the ranch. Our picked coffee is processed within a few hours in order to ensure the high quality. We start the processing with checking the color of the harvest in order to make sure that we are only using the dark red cherries. After this selection we separate the pulp from the coffee bean and then the bean is washed and sundried for at least 48 hours. As soon as the coffee beans are dry, we prepare the majority for the export. Nevertheless, a small amount of our coffee remains with us and is handed over to the families who live with us at the ranch. In this way they can roast their ranch coffee over the open fire and enjoy it daily.